What’s New and News

April 2016

M E Hews and Company, LLC, along with partners Rick DeMark and Gordon Liu, have been accepted into the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development’s Top Gun program for 2016.  Top Gun is a business accelerator designed to help an enterprise quickly bring a concept to market.  Total Crowd Solutions is that product and the Management Team are excited to be a part of this program.  Learn more on our Services Page.

June 2015

In order to meet the needs of clients and expand the flexibility and ease of project development and management, M E Hews and Company, LLC will be launching a new product/service in the near future.  Projects will no longer have to flounder, struggling to scrape together support, expertise, and funding. This new service will give new projects a lifeline in the early stages, when they’re at their most vulnerable for lack of capital or other resources.  To move your project from idea to success.  Please keep an eye on our home page for the launch of this new service.

January 2015

The Company continues to work with Maine Rural Partners but in a different capacity.  Mark is now serving as Board Consultant to help MRP implement key provisions of their strategic realignment.  They include board development, establishing the “rural congress” network model, and developing a rural scorecard to track progress on key rural indicators.

May 2014

Contracted with Maine Rural Partners to be their Interim Executive Director.

January 2014

Joined the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society as their Executive Director.  The purpose of the Society is to help farmers capture more of the consumer food dollar by reducing the cost of inputs and increasing the value of the products they sell.  That is accomplished by focusing on coordinating research into emerging trends and best practices for sustainable agriculture, serving as an information hub so farmers have access to the information they need to make the right decisions, and implementing demonstration projects to promote practical applications of sustainable practices.

May 2012

Realizing that rural communities needed access to knowledgeable and affordable consulting services to help address issues, Mark transitioned from the Maine Association of Nonprofits to position M E Hews and Company, LLC as the best organization to provide those services.

December 2011

Mark was hired as the Director of Programming for the Maine Association of Nonprofits.  In that capacity he was responsible for all learning and education programs offered by the Association to members and the sector.  That included program design, program management, implementation, and evaluation.  Mark also led an effort to expand the services the Association offered to better serve rural Maine and ensure that the Association had a consistent and effective presence statewide.

October 2011

After serving 32 years with the US Department of Agriculture, Mark Hews launched a private Consulting Company to continue providing services to clients in Maine and New England on natural resource community and economic development, facilitation and strategic planning, and sustainability.  For those familiar with Mark’s work as Resource Conservation and Development Coordinator for Threshold To Maine RC&D Area, he brings a depth of knowledge and skill to the new services his company is offering.  If you are a public organization, non-profit, or private business interested in achieving better results give Mark a call or drop him an email.  He will be glad to talk with you.