Clients and Projects

National Institute for Civil Discourse

I am currently contracted with the National Institute for Civil Discourse to be their State Coordinator for Maine Revives Civility.

Total Crowd Solutions

M E Hews and Company, LLC is proud to be a part of Total Crowd Solutions.  Total Crowd Solutions unites human, technical, and financial resources from the crowd to gain better design, support, wisdom, and funding for community, organizational, and business projects. Total Crowd Solutions aims to help projects protect, preserve, and celebrate a community’s resilience. With an easy to use web and mobile interface, TCS saves the client time and money!  A project readiness assessment with mentoring, along with project coaching using a proven product development road map, are available now.

TCS is a unique approach to planning and managing projects for small towns, organizations, and businesses.


Current Clients

University of Maine

Recently I signed a contract to assist the University of Maine School of Forestry with a business planning project called “Sweet Spot”.  The project will work with small scale beekeepers and maple syrup producers on scale options for their businesses.  I will be providing the business planning support for the project.

National Association of RC&D Councils, Inc.

After completing a short term assignment as Interim Executive Director for the Association I am now contracted to design and deliver a rural youth leadership development and community capacity building program.  The primary target is under served and economically disadvantaged youth.  The program will be a modular training system that can easily adapt to current initiatives a community might have undertaken.

Past Clients

Maine Sustainable Agriculture SocietyMaine Sustainable Agriculture Society

I served as Board Consultant for the Organization. The purpose of the Society is to help farmers capture more of the consumer food dollar by reducing the cost of inputs and increasing the value of the products they sell. Currently, Mark is helping the Society implement two major projects, the Sustainable Year Round Agriculture Project which recently received a $497,280 grant from the Maine Technology Institute to demonstrate the integration of advanced composite materials, solar and lighting technology, alternative heat sources, and greenhouse advances to construct large scale year round growing structures. The other project is the More Maine Meat project, the goal of which is to see more red meat born, raised, and processed here in Maine for the consumer market.

New Hampshire Food Alliance

The Company is serving as convener of the Viability Working Group of the New Hampshire Food Alliance.  This facilitation role is to help the VWG validate the current goals, suggested approaches, and suggested indicators of the Farm, Fish, and Food Viability Initiative.  Rick DeMark, Associate, and I will be working with the group for 2017.

Grow L+A

Grow L+A hired the Company to provide consulting services in developing a community outreach and engagement strategy for Bates Mill #5 and the local food system work associated with that project.  The first task was helping organize the dissemination of the Karp Resources Report on the feasibility of building a “Food Hub” at Bates Mill #5.  A longer term engagement process and strategy was developed for the group.  For more info go to Grow L+A.

Maine Rural Partners mainerural.orgMaine Rural Partners

I served as Interim Executive Director and as a consultant to the Board.  The primary role of the Company is to help the organization strategically realign its mission and goals.  That was completed successfully and I am now helping the Board with development, establishing a “rural congress” network model, and designing a rural scorecard to track progress on rural related measurements.

104_0458Threshold To Maine Resource Conservation and Development Council

The Council engaged M E Hews and Company to create a new strategy for the organization and to develop a sustainability plan. A number of changes were put into place as a result of the project. The Council is now positioned with a new focus for stabilization and growth.

Pietree Orchard and Oxford County Cooperative Extension Service

Area farmers sought the services of the Company to investigate the feasibility of expanding into local institutional markets along with other economic development strategies. The work also entailed the creation of an Oxford County Agriculture Community group to help facilitate dialog and discussion among farmers on collaborative marketing and infrastructure efforts. Mark produced an Institutional Market assessment for the group which is now being used to organize a series of business workshops in the fall.